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we are Exploring the excellent products.

Under the influence of growing demand, we are providing new products

  • Pharmaceutical


    Head of Salaam International Export are deciding to start a new business in the field of Pharmaceutical and drugs export industry.

    To maintain the health of global people .
    To cure people from dieseas and malnutrition.
    To manage the welfare and health.

  • Rubber

    Natural Rubber

    Natural Rubber is the second largly exported material from india around the countries. So, Salaam are also going to get into in trade.

    Natural Rubber use to manufacture tyres & tube.
    Raw Natural Rubber are highly used in automobile industries.
    Natural Rubber has a high demand in countries like U.K, Britain, and other Europian countries.

  • Chickpeas


    We decided to export Chickpeas to the business centres with growing demand such as Saudi Arabia and Australia.

    It is also known as chickpea or chick pea, gram or Bengal gram, and is sometimes known as Egyptian pea.
    Its seeds are high in protein.
    Chickpeas are edible seed with high vitamin content.

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